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We at Ispat, for the past two decades have been contributing towards the introduction of new technologies and concepts for dealing with Rebar processing at construction project sites, which was until last decade was restricted to range of machines namely ICARO, Edillgrappa and MEP machines, shifting labour-oriented way of cutting and bending steel to mechanization and then to automation. We have been studying Rebar cutting & bending very closely at various project sites and after understanding the concerns and shortcomings do now bring in “R2U C&B YARDS” with Operation & Maintenance (O&M) facility (in terms of combination of mechanical/ semi-automated/fully automated machines). R2U C&B Yards concept for Rebar cutting & bending is similar to what Ready-mix is to concrete.

Our first impulse is to find ways to HELP in whatever way WE CAN.

We are pleased to introduce our Group Company R2U Steel (India) Pvt. Ltd. Which is  engaged in offering professional services of rebar yard management a joint effort with Ispat experience/ presence in the infrastructure sector with MEP Italy, leaders in manufacturing wide range of Automatic Machines (i.e. Automatic coil straightening/Stirrup making machines, Shearlines with Double Benders, Pile Cage Making and Mesh making plants) and R2U with a team of experts having international experience of managing rebar fabrication yards of up to 20000 ton per month capacity to offer you the most professionally set up complete yard management .

Our Uniqueness at a glance…


  • Experienced team of professional Marketing Engineers to select the right combination of machines depending on the capacity of Fabrication yard
  • Over Two decades of Rebar Machine Industry experience.
  • Principal supplier of MEP Machines in India & can offer machine combination to match the projects to be catered to considering the type and diameter of rebar steel.
  • Post and After Sales service including supply of spares.
  • Flexible commercial options – Long term LC, Buy back arrangement, Hire basis
  • Undertaking setting up of Central Bar Bending Yard (CBBY) at client site in case of a mega project, where the steel company is assured, that the total project supply is through them.

MEP, Italy:

  • Manufacturers of World class Machines and offering a range of Machines suiting to Indian site conditions.
  • To guide right combination of machines depending on the monthly tonnage requirement from their wide range of machines to suit any site – any yard – any budget.
  • MEP Officials local availability for interaction and finalization of machine & machine combinations.
  • To provide yard layout based on their decades of experience at Ferrostaff s.r.l (i.e. their in-house CBBY)
  • Providing technical assistance, training and operation of machines.


  • Setting-up of “R2U Central Bar Bending Yard (CBBY)”on turnkey basis with capacity ranging between 300 tons to 5000+ tons per month.
  • Can undertake preparation of BBS for various clients
  • Undertakes Total Operations and Maintenance (O&M) of C&B yards with Manpower.
  • Reduces rebar steel wastage – R2U O&M experienced team can restrict wastage within 2 percent limits.
  • Provides Yard Management Software with tagging and delivery system for smooth delivery & identification.
  • Flexible commercial options on setting up of yards – BOT (Build Operate Transfer), BOB (Build Operate Buyback) or BOO (Build Operate Own) basis, providing various options of yard layouts and design to minimize shed construction, with storage racks and mechanical/motorized conveyor providing various logistics management for easy, safe and swift supply of finished steel from yard to site.
  • Takes care of preventive maintenance of machines.
  • Minimize labour requirement at yard with machine combination to suit your budget.

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