Europa Passenger & Material Hoists are available as per CE European Standards working in India for the past 20 years.

Europa Hoists are available with Galvanized Mast Section 650×650 mm or 450×450 mm or Flat Mast with Single & Twin Cage, capacity ranging from 1000 kg — 3200 Kg as standard to reach height upto 450 meter. We can also offer customized solutions for temporary construction and permanent industrial application as per client’s requirement.

The wide range of Hoists from Europa can cater to any project cost effectively without compromising on safety aspects considering the latest technical features are at par with any international brand and are now increasingly used in India by leading companies for construction & restoration projects for high rise buildings, bridges, chimneys and so on. In addition to the General Building Hoists, Europa offers a range of specialized Hoists for Curves, Slopes, Wells, Tunnels, Lift Shaft, Large Tonnage, Small Size etc.

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