Dear Sir,

We at Kalpataru have enjoyed a beneficial symbiotic association with you.

You are considered a valuable member of the Kalpataru family. Hence, we take cognizance of the feedback that you shared in our vendor satisfaction survey and are already acting on the identified areas of improvement. We sincerely hope that you will see the transformation that you outlined in the survey. Please feel free to share any feedback on the changes incorporated or on further improvement areas.

Moving forward, as a next phase of our business relationship, we strive for continuous improvement and growth together. Hence, we encourage you to share with us any information on your new products and services. We also picture you as a trusted partner for value engineering to meet our specific requirements.

We value our vendors as our partners and we also make efforts to identify improvement potential in our vendors. In this regard, we have started periodic Vendor Performance Assessment. The objective is to help identification of improvement opportunities in our partners. To make the assessment actionable we have included objective data (directly taken from SAP) on various important parameters like quality, price, delivery and service in execution. (For complete transparency, the parameter and rating categorization is shared at the end of the mail.)

It is our pleasure to share your performance assessment for last period (six monthly):

We will be happy to provide further feedback on the improvement areas and will be sharing the assessment periodically. Hope that the feedback also helps you in capitalizing new improvement opportunities and building on your existing strengths, like it has helped us. Please feel free to reach out for any additional clarifications.



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